The 1920s hot Jazz age,roaring twenties, were the first part of the social chain of dynamic power generating, by way of reducing taxes leading to the raising of tax revenues! The next stage, was the west German economic revival, from the WWII destruction to the 1960s! Then the 1960s, were to pick up this social dynamo and create more wealth, that funded the Great Social liberal progress, of creating jobs, and integrating marginalized workers, into the growing wages, produced by a workers’ market! That social dynamic law, did work again! That social dynamo, funded the Great Social safety net and Great Social integration of the 1960s! We mistakenly mix up the actual ways and means of the 1960s Great Social safety net! We then forget the radicals, militants and the openly communist hate machine, that was now, taking over the college campus and teaching faculty staff ! So the 1970s radical militant bomb throwing professionals were violators of the peace, written about in the Beatles song “Revolution”! Militant radicals were taking over the centre left old school Progressive Liberals! The same militant radicals took over the western European, democratic socialists and labour party machines!! By the time The 1980s Reagan-Bush coalition came to power, the militant radicals, had almost purged the centre left, in it’s totality, like good totalitarian communism does all ways! The Jim Jones’ ‘People’s Temple”-Commune teachings, were now standard fare, on the menu of the college teaches minds! But the tax dollars from tax cut, dynamos, kept rolling in! Even though, the numbers were slowed down by the Reagan-Bush build up of the cold War machinery!, The tax cuts created so much new power generating ,via the great Social dynamo, that the economy kept growing, right through the Clinton Gore era! They were then overlapping the Ginrich 1994 revolution! So we had more growth from the defeating of the Communist east block! Then we had the similar end of the cold war dividend multiplied with the social dynamo of the tax cutting! This great social dynamo, was then picked up during the war on terror of the 2000sBuysh Cheny era! We consumed very high degrees of our growth, fighting BinLaden and Saddam’s communazi, stalin -hitler pact’s,successors! But the social dynamo, was still working! But, like the Hoover 1929 crash, the late 2000s bubble from the state manhandling of real estate financing, carrot and stick promoting of real estate bubbles popped! It was like the 1999 tech bubble ! But the social dynamo, just kept trying to correct itself! But first Bush, then Obama, did like the Hoover and FDR, administrations, and through heroin and meth into the social dynamo’s slow but sure cleaning up hangover! So we now, are living with the replay of the 1930s-1940s depression heroin/meth stimulating, mind numbing, halucinaddict’s hangover! The social dynamo is just trying to correct it’s hangover from the state central stimulation binge!