Boehner and the Medical Device Tax on social environs

Boehner and the Medical Device Tax on social environs.

Human ecology tragedy of the commons, is caused by compromising the integrity of strong fortified well defined boundaries! It is sometimes used to describe the nature of communist self destructive processes! Even the best of idealistic social objectives cannot block this process! The commons tragedy must be totally aborted, for our common social objectives to succeed! When we do not have direct control over the fruits of our actions, we must have individual social partners, in our private social unions ,that can practically read our minds, with out our telling them! They should at least be able to make an educated guess, regardless of how officially, they are credentialed, to be called educated! It is all about the golden rule of Social human ecologic common sense & common decency! “Progressives” preach peaceful social sympathy, but cannot connect the dots between…

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