The idea that there would be any kind of “CAP”, or limit on the amount of tax free dollars of so called ‘Middle class” earnings, is simply a contradiction in terms! “Progressives” preach they are doing some kind of new policy called “middle class economics”! That is a fast change artist’s quick talking word game! Do you help your alleged “middle class”, by putting a political middle man in between the middle class and their dreams’ investing for individual social progress? So steepening taxing pyramids on rising incomes, up out of the struggling, working “Middle Class”, is helping or harming that “Middle Class” earner?? It is really just the middle man of political insiders, elites blocking the moving on up, of workers trying to get up out of their hardships! Taxing the fare we get paid for the fare we supply, when we work, is something else than a political middleman class blocking social progress? Welfare for political middlemen, is middle class economics?