Bio: My individual social objective is creating a common wealth of nations! My goal is integrating all SocialKin,,of all our whole SocialHumanRace! My target is the social individual practice,called the golden rule! My dream,is getting ahead, by lending my helping hand! My hand is best lent, by way of offering my information and questions! My objective is getting to the root causes of social success! ! I do all I can, to clarify the ideas of friendly fire, in the fog of war, adopted by allies in war!! The fog of war and friendly fire are, I think, akin to the human ecology ideas, called tragedy of the commons! I call it, the commons tragedy! This results from ill-defined accounting of individual causes and effects! Commons tragedy property, is in an, indiscriminate, ill-defined, indivisible property sharing! It is shared, with no defined share holdings of production and consumption! Commons tragedy, results from mixed up, blurring accounting of causes and effects! This indiscriminate causal relationship, compounds into successions of impacts, on our physical and social environs! This anti social dynamic, multiplies and blurs our incentives of pain and pleasure! This results from our knowing we will marginalize our survival by not consuming! That is, as we will waste our capital, producing, for commons tragedy! Commons tragedy, accumulates in any number of SocialEnvirons,SocialDynamics and SocialLifeChoices!! I think an invisible empire of demonizing and idolizing ghosts, are battling for our attention! This competes for psychological head space! It can result in anti social, ill-liberal behavior, and unplanned consequences! We all face this margin of tipping ourselves off balance! This commons tragedy fog of war of all against all,,actually motivates us in favor of friendly fire! This causes quick sand, compounding of unfair, ill-liberal ,anti social, halucinaddict practices! My aim ,is individual SocialCentring! We all must get our individual SocialHandle, on our individual SocialDynamics! This is vital to our whole SocialHumanRace! Our individual SocialLifeChoices, are the means to our target, TheSocialCentre! That is, I think, the root idea of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, and Mises' Economic Sociology! TheSocialCentre of social individuals, is rooted in our whole SocialHumanRace! The classical liberal LaissezFaire social law, called the golden rule, is the root, social individual method, we use in the creation of the Common Wealth of Nations!

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